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Unified information system as management tool with students’ contingent in high school


This article describes main problems related to the automation of the university as an example of Omsk state technical university. It describes modules of corporate system "Galaxy. University Management". This system is in the implementation in OmSTU. The interaction between departments is analyzed. Dignities of unified information system are highlighted.

In today's information technology development for higher education automation of information operations gains urgency. Using of computer technologies gives a chance to simplify the work of the staff, optimize the management process and to ensure the competitiveness of the university. That is why the main goal of informatization is to create a unified information environment that meets the requirements of the university and strategy.

Process automation control Systems University received its development back in the 70s, but in the course of improving the capabilities of software and hardware continued to increase the pace.

The main part of university management process is the organization of work with students in all its manifestations: the admission campaign, the educational process, contractual and financial relations, accounting students, etc. Since all units that provide these activities, interact with each other, it is need to connect them using a single system.

Thus, the difficulty of integration, updating and analysis of data dues to using of diverse software in the institution. For example, until recently, Omsk State Technical University used a variety of applications for management of the educational process within the framework of a faculty. It is complicated the monitoring process, practically made it impossible to keep track of the actual implementation of regulations and analyze the situation at the university. The software was created under the specific requirements of the dean's office, the exchange of data was not automated thereby updating the information irregularly occurred, errors were associated with the introduction, it is difficult to track, and a large amount of time required to correct the documents. In this connection, the direction of Omsk State Technical University was made to decide on the purchase and the gradual introduction of a single corporate system "Galaxy. University management."

Modules "Educational process", "Management of contingent of students ", "Accounting student performance", "Paid training" were originally set up to implement the project.

Module "Educational process" is designed to automate the planning and management of the educational institution’s process. Thanks to this module curriculum development, loading calculation departments, thread scheduling, preparation of staffing and timetables, data analysis are realized.

In the module "Management of contingent of students" tasks are implemented on the formation of curriculums, management of card files of students, accounting students who have transferred from other universities or in academic leave, the creation of orders on students.

Module "Accounting student performance" allows to automatically generate statements, based on the established curriculum, maintain attendance logs, and generate diplomas and applications for it.

Thanks to the module "Paid training" it is possible accounting of contracts for teaching students on a budgetary, contractual and ad hoc basis.

Despite the fact that the introduction of "Galaxy system. Management University" occurs quite rapidly today in Omsk State Technical University, the interaction between the main units that carry out the work with the students is carried out on the basis of several information systems.

This interaction gives rise to problems associated with the conversion and downloading of data, there is no well-honed communication between systems. Unloading the original data about the applicants comes from a database "Entrant". During unloading may be data loss or incorrect presentation of information. In this regard, employees have to make these reconciliations. Real-time track data modifications are difficult.

Thus, for improving the efficiency of OmSTU’s units a gradual transition to a unified corporate information system is needed. This system would ensure the unity and consistency of the data, prompt receipt of information, access to personnel data. All of the above requirements are fully satisfied corporate system "Galaxy. University management», which will also give an opportunity to take into accounts the specific characteristics of business processes in OmSTU.

UDC 624.07:004.4

KRAVCHENKO KSENIYA VLADIMIROVNA Russia, Omsk, FSBEI HE «Omsk state technical university» kravchenko_kv[AT]omgtu.ru