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English language teaching - teaching aids


Language which has been considered man’s most remarkable achievement, is so much a part of our lives, like the air we breathe, that very often we take it for granted and as often are not aware of its characteristic features. There are many things about language that are still a mystery and will probably remain so. However, there are aspects we do know. The past several decades have seen a tremendous amount of linguistics as a language, a description of its basic characteristics would make a better understanding of linguistic science. Language is a system. It is not a random collection of items. Patterning is all important. Each language has its own structure, its own system. It has its own unique way of organizing its units into an internal structure.

Teaching Aids

Teaching aids reinforce the spoken or written words with concrete images and thus provide rich perceptual images which are the bases to learning. When these materials are used in an interrelated way they make learning permanent. They provide for a great variety of methods.

They bring the outside world into the classroom and make us teach efficiently. In order to derive the advantages of using teaching aids, a teacher needs the knowledge of different types of teaching aids available, their place in the teaching - learning process and the methods of their evaluation. Teaching aids supplement the teacher and they do not supplant him. The aids alone cannot accomplish the task of education and the teacher always remains the main pivot of all teaching. While using teaching aids the teacher should be clear about the objects of instruction and thus make the right use of the right material at the right place and at the right time.

Advantages of Using Teaching Aids Effective use of teaching aids:

Adds interest and involvement

Makes learning permanent

Reduces verbalism

Develops greater understanding

Stimulates self - activity

Fosters continuity of thought

Makes us teach efficiently

Helps in overcoming language barriers

Provides a great variety of methods

Brings the world into the class room Classification of Teaching Aids

All teaching aids can be broadly classified under three heads namely.

Projected and non - projected aids

Audio aids, visual aids, audio - visual aids and activity aids

Hardware and software Film - Strip Projector

Film Strips: Film - strips are otherwise called ‘still films, strip films, or slide films’. It is a related sequence of transparent still pictures or images on a strip of 35mm, film. The picture may be in colour or black and white and it may be in single or double frame. Most of the film - strips have single frame pictures. Normally film - strip contain 20 to 50 frames in about two to five feet length. Advantages of film - strips It is easy and convenient to use

It takes up little space and can be stored easily in container A wide range of film - strips are available in colour or black and white The picture or images in film - strips are sequential in order It can be used at any desired place while teaching It can be used effectively even in semi - darkened room

Some film - strips are accompanied by records carrying appropriate music and sound effects

The Overhead Projector

From the name of the equipment itself, it would be evident that in overhead transparency projector, the projected image is obtained behind and over the head of the instructor. The OHP reflects images coming from a powerful light that shines through a transparency on a screen by means of tilted, highly polished mirror and lens assembly. The scree image is bright enough to be seen even in a lighted room. The projector area ranges from 3”x3” to 10”x10”. Normally overhead projectors are compared to a projection lamp, to act as a source of light, condensing lenses to concentrate all the light into usable beam, a polished mirror and lens assembly and a blower for cooling the system. OHP should not be kept on continuously for long periods. To use it as a chalk board is a very costly affair.


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