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Chinese clothing brand familiarity and e-commerce sales in research (Влияние популярности китайских брендов одежды на он-лайн

Chinese clothing brand familiarity and e-commerce sales in research (Влияние популярности китайских брендов одежды на он-лайн продажи)

Абстракт: Исследования выполнены с использованием методов экспертного опроса и статистического анализа для популярных брендов детской одежды и объемов интернет-продаж с целью установления уровня их различной популярности, в частности, бренда Balabala, занимающего первое место. В разные месяцы популярными становятся разные бренды, например, бренд Balabala был самым популярным в августе 2014, а бренд Nanjiren - в сентябре. Установлено, что в связи с ростом компьютерных торговых площадок он-лайн продажи становятся основным каналом для покупок.

Ключевые слова: детская одежда; торговые терминалы; он-лайн; продажи.

Along with the baby boomers demand growth, Chinese children's wear market is now walking into an unprecedented development era. So, whether like Balabala and Nike kids chain of children's clothing retailer, or individual operation baby clothes shop, those shops will face great opportunities and challenges. At the same time, along with the rise of e-commerce, retail terminal mode will also be a shift from the traditional chain stores to sales network. This paper carried out the Chinese market for the children's wear brand analysis and survey. Hopefully, the characteristics of China's children's wear brand provided by this thesis, which could be the reference to the brand establishment.

This part selects of 360 young parents, to carry on questionnaires of children's wear brand familiarity, which involved children's wear brand mainly Balabala, RYB, Pepco and so on. This thesis also summarizes the results of questionnaires carefully and analyzes them in depth,then drawing the simple pie charts is shown in Figure 1, which the same person for different children's clothing brands have the same familiarity.

In 2014, August and September, Billion State Power Network respectively issued each big children's wear brand sales in taobao (including the day the cat), according to figures released its, draw the bar chart shown in figure 2 and figure 3. By comparing two month sales, can clearly found that the instability of e-commerce sales system and the defects existing in the system of children's wear brand itself.

At present, on the Chinese market, the investigation of children's wear brand, we found that sales of children's clothing brand types are mainly of RYB, Balabala, Dadida, MOMOCO, Ddcat, Pepco, Wahaha Kids, Belel, H&M and so on. Based on the investigation of the consumers in our country, this paper analyzes the Chinese market of children's wear brand awareness in the eyes of consumers. The result is Figure 1.

Figure 1 Children's wear brand familiarity of in China

According to the figure 1: In the Chinese market, Balabala familiar degree more than other children's clothing brand, largest share of occupying the market, it is accepted by most of the young parents; Like Nike kids, Adidas kids, Pepco and so on, these familiarity be second only to Balabala, they are also have a solid reputation in the young parent's mind. In addition, like RYB, Abc, Disney, Annil and so on, which children's wear brand familiarity in general, but also far exceeds the H&M, Zara, Disney and other children's clothing brand. Like above those with a retail chain store children's wear brand, compared with other stores which management is non-regular, it is easier to get the favour of young parents.

Through the data statistics and analysis of the investigations of major sales of children's wear brand in taobao (including day cat) in August September 2014, we get to know all kinds of children's wear brand competition has more and more embodied in the e-commerce platform. At the same time: Store reputation dispel the customer's purchase of doubts, the development of the electronic commerce has broken through the limitation between time and space of traditional transaction. With the popularization of internet and information technology, with emergence of 4 2 1 family pattern (four parents and one child), and urban-rural gap is narrowing. Brand children's clothing, especially the development of electronic commerce space is large, it Can be used as the main target market development terminal network construction. As shown in figure 2, figure 3, respectively for all kinds of children's wear brand in taobao sales comparison (including day cat).

Through the comparison of figure 2 and figure 3, it can be seen that: In 2014, major children's clothing brand competition has not only embodied in the entity shop sales, its competition especially sharp in e-commerce platform. In figure 2, Balabala's sales up to 30,000,000 yuan in August, its Sales ranks first in the children's clothing brand. However, in September, the month sales amount ranking Balabala failed to enter the top 10 in taobao, Nanjiren from last month's No. 8 this month became the first 1. Again like DAVE, Zuoxi, Yobeiyi, Next, Gap and others children's wear brands are also among the top 10 in August. The children's wear brand ranking volatile in September than August. The idea is that e-commerce platform has

so far not very well equipped and sales system isn't perfect, meanwhile the children's wear brand of internal network sale system also has some shortcomings. Thus, in order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition, the enterprises should be form their own more complete e-commerce system.

Along with the retail industry of China gets rapid development, the retail terminal also gets dramatically development. But as the market matures and changes in consuming groups, we found that children's wear consumption subject will be for young people who were born in the 1980s and are now become parents. Now, Children's clothing retail industry has been under the unprecedented impact, so, we will examine young parents' spending habits and fully study e-commerce, guarantee the healthy development of the brand enterprise.

YU ZHANG, ANHUA ZHONG (Wuhan Textile University, Китай)