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The body shape setting of women swimming athletes in China (Исследование фигур китайских женщин-пловчих

The body shape setting of women swimming athletes in China (Исследование фигур китайских женщин-пловчих)

С использованием технологий традиционного контактного измерения и трехмер-ного бодисканирования (TELMAT) были получены антропометрические данные 300 пловчих и студентов спортивных колледжей по специальной программе для 19 участков фигур. Результаты измерений были обработаны с помощью методов математической статистики для получения достоверных данных для выбранных четырех базовых типов фигур. Установлено, что существуют значительные различия между размерными признаками пловчих и женских типовых фигур в соответствии со стандартом Sizing Systems For Garments, GB/Tl335-2008. У спортсменок ширина плечевого ската больше на 1...2 см, руки длиннее на 0,9...3,5 см, а ноги значительно полнее. Длина спины до талии и обхват живота были использованы как контрольные индикаторы, поскольку они наиболее вариабельны для фигур спортивного типа.

Ключевые слова : трехмерная антропометрия ; спортсмены-пловцы ; типология ; дополнительные типы фигур.

Through a long-term market research, size standard of general population has been relatively perfected, which plays an important role on the large-scale promotion of our garment industry. But when people faced special needs, these standards does not fully come in handy, such as male and female soccer players, swimmers, lifters, etc. they have no specific standards of their body, so that there's a need for a temporary measurement before making their clothing. This is not convenient, and it is also a defect for the national body database. So it's the mission of our clothes researchers to collect the data of different body shape, perfect the establishment of body database and then constantly update the studies of human body. Based on the swimmers' body characteristics differ from the general population, strengthen research on the human body of a swimmer is essential. This paper aimed to analyze the body data of parts of female swimmers of our country, develop a human body and its intermediate data to meet different requirements of garment making.

TELMAT 3D body measurement system and manual measurement are combined to collect the body data of 300 female swimmers[1]. Measurement object will be asked to wear no bras or wear underwear only, or a swimsuit with no pads. Measuring environment should comply with environmental standards of naked measurement. Experimental time is 5-7 months, because the temperature is not particularly high at this time, when the body wearing only a swimsuit, they sure the indoor humidity to normal. All data Measured are used to statistics preliminary after testing[2], establish a data file, remove outliers, and prepare for body studies„

Table shows: the height values of different types are different, each difference respec-tively is 6cm and 3cm from 161cm to 174cm, but the value used in GB/T1335-2008[3] is 160cm. The remaining parts also have significantly different with the intermediate data of national standard. For example, compared female Swimmer with ordinary adult woman, the shoulder width of swimmer is wider than normal size for 1~2cm, and the arm length is longer for 0.9~3.5cm, their lower limbs are stouter, the differences of these population sample are smaller than normal adult women. That means that body features of female swimmers are very different from national standard.

This paper selected the data of 300 women swimming athletes and currently enrolled students as the total sample, measured and accounted the data of 19 main parts.

The study concluded:

(1) The four body types of Chinese female swimmers after a series of analysis are Obtained, for A shape, the height is 161cm,bust girth is 85cm,waist girth is 69cm; for B shape, the height is 167cm,bust girth is 88cm,waist girth is 73cm; for C shape, the height is 171cm,bust girth is 88cm,waist girth is 73cm; for D shape, the height is 174cm,bust girth is 87cm, waist girth is 71cm.

(2) In this paper, back length and abdomen girth are added as control indicators, be-cause nape plays an important role on Length to waist, the variance and standard deviation of abdomen girth is so large that its effect on change of human body can not be ignored.

(3) The back neck point sitting height was reduced in this study, because it has reference value only and plays no practical role in modern clothing production.

Finally, thanks to the financial support of scientific research project of Education De-partment of Hubei Province in China (item No. Z2012206).


[1] Peng Ronghua, ZHONG Yuexian, ZHANG Wuming. Human Studies of The Three-dimen-sional Non-contact Measurement System[J].Measurement Technique,2004.2:36-38.

[2] Shi Yu, Li Yaowu. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Application [M].XI AN: Xi'an Jiaotong University Press,1998,2:142-157.

[3] Standard Sizing Systems For Garments,GB/T1335.2-2008,Standard Sizing Systems For Garments-women,2008.

УДК 687.016

ANHUA ZHONG, JIAJUN LIU, XU WEI (Wuhan Textile University, Китай)