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Costume culture in Chinese shadow play (Китайский костюм в театре теней

Costume culture in Chinese shadow play (Китайский костюм в театре теней)

Абстракт: Китайский театр теней является особым видом искусства, объединяющим китайский фольклор и китайскую оперу. Этот театр популярен в природных районах северного Китая, провинциях Хубэй, Сычуань. В течение долгой эволюции жанр театра впитал многое из разных, таких как Tangshan, Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Qinghai, Chenlong и Ningxia. Каждый вид жанра имеет свои локальные особенности. В этой статье исследуется культура костюма в театре теней.

I Shanxi shadow costume features.

Originated in the most important birth land, Shaanxi shadow play was on its peak from Qin to Tang dynasty. Shaanxi shadow play is featured with slender but vivid figures, succinct face, colorful costume and outstanding characters. Created according to its own feature, the costume in Shaanxi shadow play is rich in color and style, as shown in picture 1. Flower shapes are strong decorates, while engravings are rich in style. For example, the face of the female role, as shown in picture 2 is delicate, her hair jewelry blooming, and her costume is colorful but not vulgar.


Picture 3 Chinese traditional patterns

HTaian shadow costume features

With a history of 300 years, Talan shadow play originated in Talan late Qing dynasty. The figure in Taian shadow play imitates Chinese traditional figures in paper-cut, portray stones and bricks. It is solidly durable and delicate in its figure with few decorates. By comparing the figures you can see that most of the costumes are geometric figures, such as ovals, crescents, rhombuses, dots and lines. And as is shown in picture 3, Taian shadow play also uses some texture of good fortune in its characters. These textures can not only

fulfill the characters, but also decorate and connects the cutting edge.

Ш Tangshan shadow costume features

Tangshan shadow puppet originated from Wanli period Ming Dynasty. Tangshan shadow puppet has a heavy color, modeling burly, distinctive characters and elegant color. Shadow people's costume is very fastidious based on different trade and characters wearing different costume. The costumes have generals and ministers' robe, soldier's Armour, officer and rich man's informal dress and ordinary people's plain dress.All kinds of clothes has their own dress codes.

W Hunan shadow costume features

Hunan shadow puppet is a folk literature and art type which possess Huxiang folk culture's features. Hunan shadow puppet has spread all around Hunan since Ming and Qing Dynasties. Hunan shadow's costume have similarities with Chinese opera's costume which can be divide into dragon robe,embroidered robe, champion gowns such kind of robes,as shown in picture 4.Officer dress generally will patch a quadrate embroidery to show official rank, as shown in picture 5.

Kaozi is the coat armor that the warriors wear when they enter the field. Palace dress types are the dresses that the palace's women wear.There is a strict regulation based on figure's different status and position like the color red, green, yellow, white and black etc, respectively used according to figure's different official rank,position,characters facial makeup.

Shadow clothing reflects the characteristics of China's traditional dress costumes on the shape and geographical, which often take fog flowers, fish scales, plum and pine needles etc in decorative samples. Female's hair accessory and costume often regard the flower, grass,cloud, phoenix as the graphic pattern and Male often use dragon, tiger, water, cloud such kind of samples as graphic pattern. Besides, pattern design still utilize lots of auspicious culture's moral and many of them express ancestor's detest toward disaster and pain and long for happiness and well-being.


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УДК 687.11

GAO JIANNAN, ZHOU YI, LI YUE (Wuhan Textile University, Китай)