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The project of the future: museum of slavs culture


Maltceva I.N.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg,


Tavrina V.Y.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin,



Anfinogenova O.V.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg,


Leshykov V.D.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg,

leshukov-vasily[AT]yandex.ru Nowadays architecture should be creative. Innovative building techniques plus new materials and ways of thinking give us almost unlimited potential to create unique building, under the name "Museum of Slav’s Culture ".

We want to pay attention to the fact, that Modern Slavs nations have one ancestors and one culture. Nowadays there are a lot of exhibitions devoted to Slavs culture; nevertheless you will not find the architectural structure of this culture. That is why designing of new building of Slavs culture museum is timely and relevant. This project should be interesting for students, architects, and just people who are interested in architecture and Slavs culture.

Have you ever gone on the rainbow? Have you ever eaten the rainbow? Or may be have you ever been in rainbow? We can give you the perfect chance of doing this in the MoSC - Museum of Slav’s Culture.

Architecture is also the style or manner of building in a particular country or period of history. In mythology of ancient Slavs, rainbow was represented celestial magic bridge thrown from heaven to earth. White water lily since ancient times was considered a symbol of beauty, purity and mercy. In nature, there are few water lilies, and we have left a piece of this beauty, remembering forever this plant. These are the symbols in Slavs culture which we include in our project.

In reviewing all the drawing and possible sites for the MoSC, the most logical location will be in Czech Republic. We choose this place because our university has permanent contact with Czech Republic. For the developing of this contact we take part in integrative project of two countries: Russia and Czech Republic, and wrote some articles for a Czech’s magazine.

Nearly two thousand years ago the Roman architect Vitruvius listed three basic factors in architecture. There are convenience, strength and beauty. These three factors present in our project. For this purpose we create 3d model in engineering program solid works to see the size of building (fig. 1). To make a beautiful harmonic building, we calculated its measurements on golden section. The MoSC consist of two buildings, which harmoniously interconnected. The first building is a white ground-floor room, with big glasses around it. The second building is high technology construction in the shape of rainbow (fig. 2). As you know, the special consideration must be given to construction. The structure of MoSC is that differs from the majority of the tall buildings that use the center for lateral stability.

This structure adopts a diagrid exoskeleton, which creates a rigid structural system. The designer must have a good knowledge as of engineering, so of building materials. The building will be of reinforced concrete and steel. Considering different distribution of tension we strengthened framework by carbocrete.

Fig. 2. Maguette of the MoSC

The floor of the basin would be constructed of high strength concrete with applied lateral bracing. Smooth curved glass form helps the flow of winds around the walls, reducing the pressure on the structure. The grid of the external facade is made up of three panels of thick glass double outward and inward laminated glass, to maximize the space of building.

One of the most important design concerns is ecology concept. Driven to create one of the world's energy-efficient building, we used the latest sustainable technology and engineering knowhow into its design of the MoSC.Facade of a building will be done by means of photovoltaic cells, supplying electricity in accumulators of building. It is ventilation system uses heat collected from the double-skin fa9ade as an energy source. Large scale solar panels will be installed on the building’s facade to generate energy from sunlight. Surpluses of energy will provide oneself in storage batteries. For the sustainable green space over the building, circulated vertical and horizontal garden is introduced on each floor using plants, water and other. Collectively, these attributes will achieve significant energy savings and will reduce the building’s dependency on the city's infrastructure.

And now, Lets dive into the atmosphere of the building (fig. 3).

First of all we should descent under the ground, go on the escalator and walk in the glass tunnel under the water. After that you rise on the escalator in administrative building of the MoSC. In this building you can see functional atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views. Then you can go to the rainbow through the special bridge. Now you can go one of the 4 floors to see the exhibition. The MoSC has been designed as a cultural hub. It is a place for people of all ages.

Turn now to the internal space of the building. It will be done in a modern style with elements of Slav’s traditions. The variety of public spaces within Building of slaves culture include: Art/Exhibition Halls, Conference Hall, public museum and library, visitors centre, classrooms for masters courses, academy hall, cafe in Russian style.

Fig. 3. Cross Section

Our building is enabling to present the widest diversity of exhibitions and events that feed the cultural vitality of the city. In the center of rainbow is a main entrance with indoor observation platforms, from which you can see a beautiful sight on the city. Also there are a lot of benches for the relax. The MOSK is interesting project, because it unusual and actual design, which can unite Slavs culture. The building’s dynamic design integrates the Letenske park, artificial pond, and rainbow’s building seamlessly as one, blurring the boundary between architecture and nature in a continuous, fluid landscape.

The building is a place for leisure, relaxation and the acquisition of knowledge - a new green oasis in Prague. This museum is compared a lot of new age technologies. The design of the MoSC is intended to minimize harm to the environment and it will extract energy from the natural and passive forces surrounding the building.

We would like to conclude by saying that the MoSC represent the continuum of time and space: it is modern and forward-looking and at the same time is a link to the past, mirroring both the rich history of Slav’s culture and the future ambitions of union of this culture.


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Видеоуроки по работе с САПР SolidWork. Учебный курс,2009